Background photo: Collected under NMES/NOAA research permit 21238

“You can’t make this story up…a pound dog that is out saving killer whales.”

Chris Morgan, wildlife ecologist, conservationist, filmmaker and host of the podcast THE WILD, takes us on a research vessel in the San Juan Islands to witness Eba, an orca-scat-sniffing dog. The scat tells the story of the challenges the orcas are facing—from toxicity and stress levels to reproductive health and more. Chris uncovers some brilliant work that has already been done to help orcas and what you can do to help.

“We know what we need to do and it’s actually not that huge…Nature is resilient, humans are resilient, and the whales are resilient…We can see this population recover and rebound and we have a responsibility to do it.”

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Orcas use sound to communicate, navigate and hunt for the increasingly scarce salmon that are the mainstay of their diets—but underwater noise pollution makes those activities much more difficult. You can make a difference for our local endangered southern resident orcas!

The Seattle Aquarium thanks the James M. Lea Foundation for its generous financial support for this video series.

Thank you also to the video production team at Soulcraft Allstars and Chris Morgan for their invaluable contributions.